GaPlaam32 v0.1 (GP32 Game)

GaPlaam32 is an adaptation of Bomberman coded by Edhel. Penguins have replaced robots, and the war takes place on ice, but it should have the spirit of the original Bomberman.

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Cyclone (GBA Game)

Cyclone is a remake of an old Spectrum game with the same name by Quirky. The game works on real hardware. The aim of the game is to fly around several islands collecting supplies and people without running out of fuel or crashing. (Thanks to Guyfawkes for the news)

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Thrust Advance v1.03 (GBA Game)

Matthew Partridge released an updated version of his “Thrust” C64 game remake. Download from:

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Fill It Up (Update) (GBA Game)

Matthew Gummo released a bugfix version of his puzzle game “Fill It Up”. Download from:

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New Files (GBA misc)

Gameboy Advance
Fill It Up by Matthew Gummo
Thrust Advance v1.01 by Matthew R Partridge

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GP CardGame v1.0 (GP32 Game)

On the korean page linked below you can find a new homebrewn GP32 game called “Card Game v1.0”. (Thanks to Guyfawkes for the News)

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Fill It Up (GBA Game)

Matt Gummo released a new homebrewn game for GBA. This time it’s a puzzle game where you have to walk through an entire level without going over a location you have already been at. It is quite addictive and has some great features like a random level generator, and even a level editor. [Description stolen from krom/ :]

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Layout Changes (misc)


Because Kojote told me to, I’ve changed the appearing of these systems in the following way:

Arcarde –> Arcade
Master System II –> Master System
Playstation II –> Playstation 2

See ya!

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Thrust Advance v1.01 (GBA Game)

Matthew R. Partridge did a coversation of the old Commodore 64 game “Thrust” and send it to GBAdev. The changes compared to the C64 are:

Differences to Thrust (C64)

The door opens the wrong way on level 5.The teleport effect is missing.There should be 2 types of fuel pod, there is only one. There are no collisions between the ship or orb and static objects.The particles for players bullets, limpet bullets and debris are all the same colour.

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Interview with David Shadoff (PCE misc)

Today I had the pleasure to interview the PCE (PC Engine) developer “David Shadoff”. Read the whole interview using the link below.

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