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Shahzad Sahaib
Thomas Bernhard Straße 9/2/42
A-5020 Salzburg

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Staff & Helping Hands

Shahzad Sahaib (aka Kojote) – CEO, Admin, News, Files
Dipl. Ing. (FH) Andre Haensel (aka kedo) – 1st Assistant, News Poster
Nabeel Javed (aka Crazy Raven) – PDRoms Coding

Inactive Staff & Helping Hands

(aka paniq) – PDRoms Coding
Andreas Engl (aka celeth) – PDRoms Coding
Michael Mrozek (aka EvilDragon) – Former GP2x and GP32 Newsposter
David C. (aka Guyfawkes) – Former Newsposter
Lira Nuna (aka LiraNuna) – Former Newsposter
Hermes Moser (aka poqako) – Vacation/Emergency News Poster


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Privacy policy

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