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pSNES v1.2 (SNES emulator for Nintendo Switch)

Cpasjuste updated his Super Nintendo Entertainment / SNES / Super Famicom emulator pSNES to be used with a homebrew enabled Nintendo Switch device. This release does not come with any roms. You can find freeand legal SNES roms here on PDRoms tho.


* remove “db.xml” dependency, remove the file to do so (you can still use it for a better experience).
* add high resolution support (fix Secret Of Mana menus, – Kirby 3 water, Yoshi Island…)
* add/fix Super FX (Star Fox still have some graphical glitches)
* add video filters (TV2X, SMOOTH, SUPEREAGLE, 2XSAI, SUPER2XSAI, EPX, HQ2X). Some filter will slow down some games.
* fix a crash in unzip functions (when multiples roms are loaded)
* major speed improvement
* fix per rom config applied to all roms
* print snes9x messages to screen
* add 2 players capability (untested)
* add single joycon mode: enable SINGLE_JOYCONS in options, (+) or (-) now send (start+select), (+) or (-) + R send menu key (todo: find a better solution)
* sort rom list alphabetically
* fix (+) and (-) keys inverted in config menu
* improve preview box
* add switch buttons images in options
* and more changes/fixes I can’t remember…

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Chocolate Doom v1.0.1 (Nintendo Switch Game Port)

Fans of the famous FPS Doom might be happy to know that Chocolate Doom has been ported to the Nintendo Switch by lantus. The port is open source and it’s files can be downloaded via GitHub.

Thanks to Nintendomax for the news.

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EDuke32 v1.2 (Nintendo Switch Game Port)

EDuke32 is a port of the classic 3D Realms game Duke Nukem 3D (or Duke3D for short) to several OS’es. EDuke32 adds many new convenient features and modernizations for casual players and many editing features and scripting extensions for mod authors. Ported to Nintendo Switch by cpasjuste.

How to install:

* copy “eduke32” folder to “/switch” folder
* copy “DUKE3D.GRP” and “DUKE.RTS” to “/switch/eduke32” folder
* enjoy!

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NX-Shell v1.01 (Beta) (Nintendo Switch Application)

NX-Shell is a multipurpose open source file manager for Nintendo Switch by Joel.


* Added a menu bar – Use the Y button to access it. (Can only open settings for now, so the settings icon stays highlighted. The animation is something I tend to improve upon in later releases)
* Added dark theme mode. (Can be enabled/disabled in settings)
* Added .ZIP extraction. (Press A on a .zip file)
* Added Sorting options under settings. (Sort by alphabetical – ascending and descending order, by date (currently doesn’t work properly), by size – smallest and largest).
* Add support for GIF/BMP images in image viewer. (GIFs will be displayed as a static image)

Improvements and Fixes:

* Progress bar is now properly displayed for copying/moving/extracting files.
* Improved many textures as well as some internal improvements in handling textures and some fixes with font alignment in certain areas.
* Fixed copy/move being enabled at the same time. If you press B in the options dialog it will cancel the item that is currently in the copy/move list. Instead, X should be used to open/close the file options dialog. The row/column will also reset when the B key is pressed.
* Freed some textures that weren’t previously freed, also free entries once we are done using them.

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VBA-Next Switch v0.6 (Game Boy Advance emu for Nintendo Switch)

VBA-Next Switch is an optimized port of VBA-M to Libretro. VBA-M itself is a fork of the original Visual Boy Advance. RSDuck brought it now to the Nintendo Switch to enjoy some classic Game Boy Advance games. Don’t forget we host a great range of free and legal GBA homebrews!


* Complete UI overhaul. Now it looks almost native!
* Setting to offset the real time clock

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Switch SDL Pong v1.0 (Nintendo Switch Game)

Cheeze updated his Pong game for the Nintendo Switch named Switch SDL Pong using C++ and SDL2.


This is the final release.
* Now has scores for player 1 and 2.
* 2 player support.
* New splash screen.
If you find bugs create a new issue and ill try to fix them.

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Heart of the Alien (HOTA) v1.0 (Nintendo Switch Game Port)

usineur ported Heart of the Alien to the Switch, based on the reverse engine made by Gil Medigish.

How to install:

* Copy HOTA.nro to /switch/HOTA/ folder
* Copy all files from to /switch/HOTA/ folder

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Another World (RAWGL) v1.0 (Nintendo Switch Game Port)

usineur ported Another World to the Switch, based on the reverse engine made by Grégory Montoir. You will need the original files to start the game. You can put the game’s datafiles in the same directory as the executable or use the –datapath command line option to specify the datafiles directory.

Supported versions:

* Amiga and PC DOS releases (Bank*)
* 15th anniversary edition (Pak01.pak)
* 20th anniversary edition (game/*)
* Windows 3.1 release (Bank)
* 3DO release (GameData/*)

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Press The Button PyNX v5 (Nintendo Switch Game)

Press The Button is a game written to test the PyNX controller features. In this game you have to press the shown button as fast as possible and the challenge is that the time you have to press the button gets shorter and shorter with every turn.

Thanks to Nintendomax for the news.

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Switch SDL Pong v0.2 (Nintendo Switch Game)

Cheeze presents his basic attempt implementing Pong for the Nintendo Switch named Switch SDL Pong using C++ and SDL2.


* added 2 player support
* made sound play when a player scores

Thanks to Nintendomax for the news.

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