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GB Studio 2 (TBA) (GB misc)

Do you love the Game Boy? Would you love to make games for it? GB Studio 2 is around the corner…!

GB Studio 2 Beta Trailer
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Where is my body? (Kickstarter) (Game Boy Game)

There is about one more week left to fund a brand new Game Boy game named Where is my body? by Dana Puch. The type of game is very particular, an original idea from the graphic adventures of the early 90s. You have to find out the different types of mysteries and follow the thread of the story. Your mission is to find the body. Surely you have not seen many games of this type in Gameboy, and surely you will spend some very entertaining hours.

New Gameboy Game - Where is my body?
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A Fairy Without Wings v1.3 (Game Boy Game)

A Fairy Without Wings is a rather fresh Game Boy game by Nekete, developed using ZGB/GBDK.

Watch this video on YouTube.

You are a tooth fairy who was born without wings. When she collects enough teeth, she gains the power to shoot lightning (which helps to free the fairies!), but a simple contact will make her teleport away because she doesn’t control her powers completely.

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Powa! (WIP) (Game Boy Color Game)

Aiguanachein is working on a very nice Game Boy Color platform game named Powa! The game will feature different worlds, music by sergeeo and certainly final bosses. After exchanging emails with the main author there might be physical carts, once the game is final.

We at PDRoms already had the pleasure to play the game and it plays solid and is fun, we would really love to see this game in final stage.

Canal Homebrew: Primeros Minutos a POWA! (Aiguanachein) Gameboy Color
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Hungry Birds (Source Code) Game Boy Game)

Hungry Birds by oshf was made in 48 Hours for the #ZGBJAM2 game jam. The source code is now public via GitHub since four days, making it an open source game.

Mother bird has appeared with a bevy of delicious worms for her three chicks. Unfortunately, she has also collected not so delicious rocks. Help the hungry chicks devour worms while avoiding eating rocks.

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Libbet and the Magic Floor v0.05 (Game Boy Game)

Libbet and the Magic Floor is a puzzle game for Game Boy by Damian Yerrick. The game is open source!

One day, Libbet was rearranging her basement when she discovered a passage to an empty hall whose floor had a peculiar pattern. She rolled in to investigate.

The floor tiles have four shades. Libbet can roll or jump between tiles of the same shade. She can also roll or jump onto the next brighter shade or from white to black, which leaves a track. Tiles with no exits contain a trap door that leads to the entrance. Leave 90 percent of possible tracks and roll to the exit to win.

This is a port of Martin Korth‘s game Magic Floor to the Game Boy compact video game system, introducing Libbet the boulder girl.

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Last Crown Warriors (Demo) (Game Boy Color Game)

Last Crown Warriors by Light Games is an action/strategy game for the Nintendo Game Boy. Take on waves of enemies as you try to conquer all the bases of the stage. Each warrior has his own custom weapon, and each stage its own enemies.

Last Crown Warriors DEMO gameplay (Game Boy Color)
Watch this video on YouTube.

Main goal is to distribute the work once finished in a pshysical edition with cartridge, box, and instruction manual.

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Death Planet (Commercial) (Game Boy Game)

From Mackerel Interactive comes Death Planet for Game Boy. Navigate the corridor and avoid the obstacles to take down the evil empire. Published by Catskull Games you can get the game on cartridge for 15 US$ without shipping.

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GuardianGhost (Game Boy misc)

GuardianGhost by Maikel Ortega is a random map/dungeon generator for now. You can move around, but there is no real gameplay yet.

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Muffin the Alpaca (Game Boy Game)

Muffin the Alpaca is a Game Boy game by Fronze, made for ZGBJAM#2. It’s possibly not a real game yet, but nice to check out.


Run across the infinite Alpaca’s Valley. A wonderful place where all the alpacas can run freely without any distraction.
Feel this allegory of the intense non-stop life-style we are all living.

PS: It has some in-app purchases for just 666$ for no reason at all. Buy our alpaca’s hat today!

Soon in VR too!! (only Oculus Vive)

By The Alpaca Paca’s & Alpacapacino Team with <3.

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