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8bitworkshop v3.5.0

Are you a developer? 8bitworkshop now supports ColecoVision, MSX, Sega Master System, Bally Astrocade, and Atari 7800!

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SMS Test Suite v0.10 (Master System Application)

sverx is going to bring us a SMS Test Suite application. Your Master System is faulty? Find out what could be wrong!

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Sega Master System High-Fidelity Audio (Master System misc)

Maxim Zhao shows us an example of music being played on a Sega Master System using advanced pre-analysis to produce much higher quality than usual. See for more details.

Sega Master System high-fidelity audio

Thanks to sverx for the news!

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MARKanoIIId v2018.06.06 (WIP) (Master System Game)

sverx seeks help to get MARKanoIIId further developed.


#coder #needed! Help me code “MARKanoIIId”, an #Arkanoid clone for #SEGA #MasterSystem (I can’t get the ‘enemies’ movement right) #C knowledge required.

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Kat Kills v2018.05.26 (WIP) (Master System Game)

Jordi Montornes of 1985alternativo and few other guys had fun doing a Master Sytem game at Fnac’n Pixels. Kat Kills seems to be a work in progress for now, so let’s see how it will turn out!

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Simpsons Trivia

Simpsons Trivia is a Sega Master System homebrew game by SteveProXNA. The Simpsons is a hit TV show that has become a world wide phenomenon. Therefore, it seems only natural to build a Simpsons Trivia game for the Sega Master System!

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Galactic Revenge

Galactic Revenge is a Sega Master System homebrew game by eruiz00. It’s the year 33XXX. Dirty aliens from a faraway galaxy emptied your refrigerator and killed your boyfriend. Confident in their superiority, they also had the nerve to steal your beloved Master System. Get your blastin’ shoes on and pick from three killer outfits. Wield fire, spread shots, lasers, and even shurikens. Wipe the grins off their faces as you jump, shoot, and fight your way through their ship and turn them into scrap as payback for their heinous deeds!

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Duckslayer Adventures

Duckslayer Adventures is a Sega Master System homebrew game by haroldoop. It’s a tribute to an Atari 2600 game named ‘Adventure’. Control the intrepid Knight of the Square Table, Sir Jelly, the gelatinous cube. His mission is to retrieve the Holy Chalice of Yendor that’s stored inside the black castle, guarded by two fearsome Duck Dragons.

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Wah Munchers

Wah Munchers is a Sega Master System homebrew game by JoppyFur. You arrive at your red-panda farm, only to find that a pack of snow leopards have broken into your paddock and are going after your flock. Build fences to protect your livestock before they get gobbled up. Once you’ve separated the species, you’ll move on to the next field, with even more leopards. You’ll need to save at least one red panda per round to progress.

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Gemitas is a Sega Master System homebrew game by Cyttorak. Find a discussion here. Gemitas is a Columns clone for the Sega Master System featuring bigger graphics for the gem blocks and an endless game mode.

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