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Bluescale Demo Source Code (MHS Techdemo)

Bluescale Demo by wickeycolumbus displays all the shades of blue possible. On 29th April the source-code has been released, which is also posted just right under this news text.

Here is the source code:

.globl _start

ldis r7,0x8809
ori r7,0x20
ldis r6,0xa040
sw! r6,[r7]
ldis r7,0x8807
ori r7,0x00
sw! r6,[r7]
ldis r7,0x8807
ori r7,0x04
sw! r6,[r7]
ldis r7,0x8807
ori r7,0x08
sw! r6,[r7]
ldis r6,0x8803
ori r6,0x00
ldis r7,0x0000
ori r7,0x1000
sw! r6,[r7]
ldis r7,0x8821
ori r7,0x30
ldiu! r6,3
sw! r6,[r7]
ldis r7,0x8803
ori r7,0x50
ldiu! r6,0
sw! r6,[r7]

ldi r10,0x0000
ldis r8,0xa040
ori r8,0x0000
ldis r9,0xa044
ori r9,0xb000

ldi r11,0x0001
sh r10,[r8]+,2
addc r10,r10,r11
cmp.c r8,r9
ble store_color
j inf_loop

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CD Door (10-03-2009) (MHS Application)

This program runs and displays the current status of your CD drive door on the HyperScan.

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3D Wireframe Demo (MHS Techdemo)

This is a very simple 3d wireframe cube demo coded by ppcasm.

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Bluescale Demo (MHS Techdemo)

Bluescale Demo by wickeycolumbus displays all the shades of blue possible.

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Hello World (MHS misc)

ppcasm wrote a “Hello World” for Mattel’s HyperScan. Nothing big but here it is 🙂

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Mattel HyperScan Development Boards (MHS misc)

wickeycolumbus and his buddy, who managed to get homebrew working on the Mattel HyperScan console, do have a webboard, where you can get some information and discuss about HyperScan development!

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Scrolling Color Demo (14-04-2009) (MHS Techdemo)

Wickeycolumbus and ppcasm figured out how to homebrew on a Mattel HyperScan ( more info see: ).

Release notes:

Many people on this forum hate the mattel HyperScan, and thought homebrew would not be possible on it. For the past few months, a guy named ‘ppcasm’ and I have been figuring out how the thing works, and released a few demos here an there. I am not sure if anyone here is interested, but here is a scrolling color demo I just made for it. Written 100% in SPG290 Assembly language. In order to run it, you must have a real HyperScan (no emulator exists yet), and a CD-R. All you have to do is burn the HYPER.EXE file to the CD-R and put in into an un-modded HyperScan, wait about a minute, and the screen pops up with fabulous colors 🙂

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