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Homebrew Heroes Interview: Vector Republic (Vectrex misc)

Homebrew Heroes interviews Vector Republic!

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Hera Primera (WIP) (Vectrex Game)

Hera Primera is a work in progress Juno First clone on the Vectrex. The video shows level 1 of current test version. Please note that in the video left & right sides are a bit cut off.

Vectrex - Hera Primera (Test version)

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Big Blue #200 Charity (Vectrex misc)

The author of Big Blue auctions the 200th copy of his game in a special, one off translucent teal cart shell with 2 Big Blue T-Shirts. All proceeds from this auction will go to charities.

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Electric Force (Vectrex Intro)

As proven many times, 256 bytes are enough for a tiny nice effect. So shown with Electric Force by realm of illusion. Also a production first shown at Chaos Constructions 2015.

Electric Force intro for Vectrex by Frog

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The J Game (Vectrex Game)

The J Game is a game for MB Vectrex, developed by Jan Haasch. Jump over randomly generated walls and keep jumping in time. What is an easy task in the first few levels, certainly gets a challenge by time.

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Invitron (Vectrex Invitro)

Invitron by Realm Of Illusion ranked 5th in the oldschool demo competition at Solskogen 2015.

Invitron intro for Vectrex by Frog

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Heps Q Q (Vectrex Intro)

Heps Q Q is a fresh Vectrex intro by the guys from Fit.

Fit: Heps Q Q (Vectrex scene intro)

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Vector Pong v1.01 (Vectrex Game)

Good ol’ Pong arrived for the Vectrex! In Vector Pong by KidQuaalude you can either play in single player or two player mode. As a mini-twist there are also moving obstacles.

Vector Pong (Battle Mode) Vectrex

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V-Theremin v1.01 (Vectrex misc)

V-Theremin is a little sound toy by KidQuaalude.

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Veccy Bird v1 (Vectrex Game)

Veccy Bird is a remake of Flappy Bird (which itself is a remake of several other concepts) for the Vectrex by mikiex. Thanks to Kieren Hawken for the news via

Veccy Bird on the Vectrex

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