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Pokemon Psychic Seeds (13-09-2014) (PM Game)

Palkone and Justburn present Pokemon Psychic Seeds in a five level game demo version. Group Exeggcute and head towards the finish. Try to find the hidden Pokéball in each stage.

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Mini Cookie (16-01-2015) (PM Techdemo)

Mini Cookie by Sebastian Mihai is a techdemo/game for Pokemon Mini. The player controls a hungry bear, eating the cookies scattered all over the screen.

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Pokemon Mini Development Flashcard (PM misc)

We hardly have news about Pokemon Mini development but this could change! You now do have the chance of ordering a development flash card!

Thanks to ph0x for the news hint!

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Kindergarten Boogie (PM Mini Demo)

ph0x has finished a new (scene) pm-demo called “Kindergarten Boogie”.

Warning! Real hardware recommended, does not work proper in emulator!

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LightsOut (04-09-2005)
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PokeSnake (16-01-2005)

A snake game for the Pokemon Mini handheld by Lupin.

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