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LvR by quisseh is a Game Boy Advance game for two players at the same time. Player 1 grips the left half of the GBA and controls the L button, while player 2 grips the right half and controls R.

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Celeste Classic v1.0 (Game Boy Advance Game)

There are news on the Game Boy Advance homebrew scene, which should not stay unmentioned. JeffRuLz sent us an e-mail to let us know about Celeste Classic. As of now it can be still considered a prototype. It’s a difficult platform game demanding precise wall jumps and air dashes. If your reflexes are limited, this might be not a game for you.

All of you interested to develop for the GBA, the source code is available for free as well.

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Professor Sinister and his Marauding Mechanicals v20181013 (Game Boy Advance Game)

Professor Sinister and his Marauding Mechanicals by Ant512 is a game similar to Chucky Egg. You play Professor Sinister, an evil scientist who created robots to help him destroy the world. Unfortunately his robots have gone wrong and he has lost control of them.

Thanks to Antony himself for the news!

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3D Voxel Space v2018.06.04 (GBA Techdemo)

Juan Martinez released a 3D techdemo named 3D Voxel Space. Full C sourcecode for devkitARM & binary is available.

Thanks to Nintendomax for the hint!

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Super Block Jump v1.13A (Game Boy Advance Game)

Super Block Jump is a Game Boy Advance (GBA) game by Sterophonick. Move a block and take it to the goal.

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Misfortune Advance v1.00A (Game Boy Advance Game)

Misfortune Advance is a Game Boy Advance (GBA) game by Sterophonick. It’s a demake of a Gaming Creepypasta (called about a creepy hidden game in many Cartridges on the 1989 Game Boy.

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Monkey Mayhem Advance v2018.04.26 (Game Boy Advance Game)

Monkey Mayhem Advance is a Game Boy Advance (GBA) game by Sterophonick. It’s a game where you are a monkey and you have to shoot down as many Starfish as possible with the bananas you are provided.

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Mooncats Trio (Revision 2018) (GBA Game)

Mooncats Trio is a Game Boy Advance game released at Revison 2018 by sBeam/Desire. If you like Arkanoid you will for sure enjoy this little gem. The game itself was presented on a hacked GBA pirate card for 4US$, which is also a quite interesting fact.

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Video: Top 5 GBA Homebrew Games! (GBA misc)

Finnbro shows us his Top 5 GBA Homebrew Games! Do you agree with his selection?

Top 5 GBA Homebrew Games!

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Invite Brigade (GBA Invitro)

Invite Brigade is an invitation intro for Nordlich 2018 by Oxyron. Recently released at Demobit 2018.

Invite Brigade - Nordlicht 2018 Invitation by OXY, DDK & AC

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