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PocketNES (13-06-2012) (NES emu for GBA)

Dwedit has updated PocketNES, a NES emulator for Gameboy Advance, once again. This seems to turn out into a long time project and gets better every release.


* Seamless sound, no more crackling on square wave channels.
* Correct frequency sweeps and triangle wave volume.
* Completely automatic speed hacks that just work, so there’s no menu for them anymore.
* FAST. Turn off VSYNC and watch the games zoom.
* Many parts are more accurate than before.
* Working save states
* Fixed many bugs
* DMC IRQs! Play Fire Hawk and MIG 29 Soviet Fighter!
* Dendy mode


* Mapper #9, #17, #33, #40, #64, 73, #105

Thanks to and for the news.

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Saphir v0.2 (GBA Game)

Saphir by xFlasH is a conversion of the T08 hit from 1986 by Infogrames. Original work by Eric Szymkowiak.

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Dots (GBA Game)

Dots by gauauu is a classic pencil and paper game of Dots, to be played on GBA.

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Loc-O-Mania (GBA Game)

Loc-O-Mania by Michael El-Baki is a puzzle game where you are presented with different rail systems. Trains appear randomly in stations and must be guided to another station. It’s up to you to play with junctions in order to safely drive trains to their goal.

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Star Fortress Dendron (GBA Game)

Star Fortress Dendron by Scott Lininger is an isometric RPG made for the 2004Mbit competition back in 2004. It now has been released as standalone ROM.

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Dolphin Swimming In A Pitcher Of Beer (GBA Demo)

Dolphin Swimming In A Pitcher Of Beer is a fast demo released at The Gathering 2012.

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Lawn The Mow (Party Version) (GBA Game)

Lawn The Mow by Schaedelproduktion is a game where you have to mow an areal. It’s picked which several things interrupting this mission. This party version has been released at Revision 2012, as most of the previous productions we’ve been writing about today. Lawn The Mow ranked 5th in the game development competition. A bug fixed version is planed.

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There Is No (GBA Demo)

There Is No by Darklite is a Gameboy Advance demo released at Revision 2012. It ranked 6th in the wild demo competition.

Revision 2012 - Wild Demo - There is no by Darklite (Live Footage)

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Mind Departure (GBA Music Disk)

Mind Departure by up rough & La Paz is a music disk for Gameboy Advance.

Mind Departure by Up Rough

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A Werewolf Tale (WIP) (GBA Game)

Gameboy Advance homebrew has slow down a lot and still it feels like it never existed. Developer Genecyst from Italy keeps the tradition of GBA homebrew alive. He currently works on a game named A Werewolf Tale. Screenshots and more information is available on its official blog.

A Werewolf Tale -

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