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Bull’s Hour (WIP) (Sega CD Game)

A new Sega CD RPG project named Bull’s Hour for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive and Sega CD / Mega CD is approaching. Everything is work in progress for now.

Bull's Hour - New game for Sega MD / Mega CD

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Blackjack CD (31-01-2015) (Sega CD Game)

Blackjack CD is a Sega CD homebrew game by Sebastian Mihai. You play casino-style blackjack against a computer dealer. BasiEgaXorz is the Basic compiler/IDE/toolchain used.

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Unlucky Pony v1.1 (Sega CD Game)

Unlucky Pony is a Sega CD game by gameblabla. Play as “Rinblow Trash” , a pony who is always in trouble. In your quest you will encounter falling poops from the sky and pony haters that want your death. Will you be able to make it alive?

Unlucky Pony v1.1 (Sega CD homebrew)

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