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Kung-Fu Master v2017.10.18 (WIP) (SNES Game)

Antihero Soft are working on a remake of Kung-Fu Master for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


Option screen is done. Next step is having a first level playable with (only) grabbing enemies. #kungfumaster for #snes #snesdev #indiedev

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TwistIT (SNES 64k Intro)

TwistIT is a 64kb intro by Resistance for the SNES / Super Famicom presented at the Demobit 2018 oldschool compo.

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SNES Classic Mini Hack: How to add your own games with HakChi2

In this video Skullator shows you how you can install your own custom SNES ROMS into the recently released Super Nintendo Classic Mini console.

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SNESPi – Raspberry Pi Mini Super Nintendo Consoles (SNES misc)

This is an attempt to make a Mini Super Nintendo.

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PVSnesLib v2017.05.21 (SNES misc)

PVSnesLib is a small, open and free development kit for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System by alekmaul.

PVSnesLib is a library to develop programs for Nintendo SNES in C langage. It contains snes-sdk compiler / linker and a library (sources included) which offer facilities to use backgrounds / sprites / pads / music & sound on SNES system. It also contains examples to help how to use functions with the library.

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Blow ’em Out (Kickstarter) (SNES Game)

Retroscribe needs your help to not only release their first SNES game Blow ’em Out, but also to bring the community something we all need: a well-made, low cost new SNES game cartridge shell.

Blow ’em Out is a single-screen platformer with 10 levels. It’s your birthday, and you have to blow out all the candles on your birthday cake. Problem is, the candles are spitting out evil fireballs that can not only kill you, but they can also re-ignite candles that you’ve already blown out. And be careful, the cake is slippery!

Fund it now! The collectors edition is limited to only 100 pieces!

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Horizontal Shooter v1.0 (SNES Game)

Marcus Rowe, better known under his nick undisbeliever, released Horizontal Shooter for the SNES. It might take you by surprise now, but it’s a horizontal shooter game, just as the game title suggests.

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Unholy Knight – The Darkness Hunter (WIP) (Commercial) (SNES Game)

Unholy Knight – The Darkness Hunter is schedule for release in February 2017 and is a Beat’em Up game for the Super Famicom.

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Video: The Launch of the Super Nintendo 1991 (SNES misc)

Classic Gaming Quarterly tells us interesting things about the SNES.

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Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death (WIP) (SNES Game)

Watch the video to get an update on Collectorvision’s game Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death.

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