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Classic Kong (SNES Game)

Shiru has let us know that a new Super Nintendo Entertainment System game is out. It’s called Classic Kong (published by Bubble Zap Games) and is a faithful remake/reprise of Nintendo’s hit Donkey Kong.

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Uwol – Quest For Money (WIP) (SNES Game Port)

Uwol – Quest For Money is a platformer initially made for ZX Spectrum by Mojon Twins, reprogrammed for several other systems and now soon available for the Super Nintendo Entertainmen System, courtesy of alekmaul (based upon Shiru‘s Megadrive sources).

The port is not yet public because of occasional slowdowns and there is no sound yet. As soon as those problems are history, we can enjoy Uwol on SNES! pvsneslib has been used, which you might want to check out if you are interested to easily code on this wonderful Nintendo console as well.


Uwol didn’t have enough after earning about the 90% of all the income which resulted of selling retrovideogames in Spain and getting himself rich. Now he wants to experience the adventures of his good old idols while he keeps engrossing his bank account, ’cause that’s the very matter of his existence.

After gathering precious prizes following the steps of his favourite classic videogame heroes (this is, the fire which doesn’t burn -which looks great in the hall of his house-, the proton pistol with the proton charger, three knickers from Gremla, the book of bills of Miner Willy, Wally’s pajamas, the Sword of Power (just a copy, ’cause the real one is in use), heaps of Saimaza coffee…), he learns that a mysterious and excentric millionaire, formerly a thief, hides quite a big fortune in gold coins in a very old manor next to Canutos Forest -the so-called Storm Palace. So he decides to emulate his idol Goodie and steal them!

The problem is that it won’t be very easy… The cellar of Storm Palace are quite deep and are full of nooks and crannies. Besides, the intrincate disposition of rooms makes it very easy to get lost and go back to the starting point. That’s what happened to Uwol: his greed made him to get deeper and deeper into the manor so he got lost and trapped in the lowest labyrinth, inhabited by Vampy, Franky, Fanty and Wolfy, who will try by all means to make Uwol fail in his task.

Thanks to alekmaul himself for the update!

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Road Blaster v0.1 (Beta) (SNES Game)

dforce3000 came up with a brand new Super Nintendo Entertainment System / Super Famicom game called Road Blaster. According the the authors the game is barely playable and not yet final.

More release notes:

The first direct port of a laserdisc game to the SNES, the first MSU-1 game and the biggest game on the SNES yet, at a whopping 6816 Mbit in size. Msu-1 support is mandatory, so you will need either Bsnes or a sd2snes cartridge.

This thing is very unpolished, has a couple of graphical glitches and doesn’t run in NTSC mode (due to v-blank limitations) yet, but I didn’t feel like sitting on it any longer.

Thanks to retroK for the news!

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N-Warp Daisakusen

N-Warp Daisakusen is a deathmatch minigame for eight human players. Connect two Multitaps and eight joypads to your SNES, invite some friends and compete for the first place by beating and kicking the shit out of the other players.

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MegaFamilyBros v1.0 (SNES Game)

dieudunet presents his first public version of “MegaFamilyBros”. The game is supposed to be a Jump’n’Run game, combining the gameplay of “Megaman” and “Super Mario”. The graphics are unfortunately not original but ripped from various others.,7116.0.html

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The 700 Club (13-07-2010)

The 700 Club is a music disk for the Super Nintend Entertainment System / Super Famicom by mic.

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The 700 Club (SNES Musicdisk)

The 700 Club is a music disk for the Super Nintend Entertainment System / Super Famicom by mic.

Release notes:

A while back I wrote a VGM playback driver for the SPC (S-SMP/S-DSP, i.e. the sound chip found in the SNES), which I released along with a tool that converted .vgm/.vgz files into .spc files. You can find it here ( ) (source code included).

Anyway, I decided to put together a SNES-side GUI and create a musicdisk with some hand-picked tunes from the Sega Master System & Game Gear, much like Oxygene ( ) and Censor ( ) have done in the past for other formats.

This is the result of that work. Tested only on a PAL SNES unit, and in BSNES. Please don’t use ZSNES or Snes9x – both of them had atrocious sound emulation last time I checked.

Here’s a youtube clip ( ) recorded from my SNES for those of you who can’t be arsed to run BSNES or put the ROM on a flash cart.

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Neo-Myth-Menu (SNES misc)

“Menu for the Neo Myth Flash Cart” is the menu the console will show when you boot the Neo Myth flash cart. Code for the MD and SNES menus have been committed, with N64 coming soon.

Menu for the Neo Myth Flash Cart in action:

Thanks to mic_ for the news.

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SPC Player v1.4

SPC Player is a program that loads SPC files and plays them on a real SNES. The full source code is included.

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SPC Player v1.4 (SNES Application)

SPC Player is a program that loads SPC files and plays them on a real SNES. The full source code is included.

Thanks to Mic for the news!

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