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Hyper Armageddon (Preview) (GBA Game)

Fresh from Widdy comes his release for the Nordlicht 2015 Gravedigger Compo for Gameboy Advance. It’s an unfinished Gameboy Advance Shooter named Hyper Armageddon. As most of the time and expected from Widdy, the game clearly shows quality. Too bad this game is damned to not see a final.

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Shadow of the Wurst (GBA Demo)

Shadow of the Wurst by Flush is a GBA demo released at Revision 2015, recently held in Saarbrücken/Germany.

Shadow of the Wurst

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Flappy Bird (29-12-2014) (GBA Game)

Jay van Hutten wrote us to let us know about this latest Gameboy Advance game. It’s a remake of Flappy Bird. Interesting here is, that the GBA is not used as usual, but check out the video on your to understand. Flappy Bird is a one button game where you need to get a bird trough pipes, while not colliding with it. As said there is only one button, so with this button you can give your bird some height, but the height is being reduced immediate again. So you need to keep clicking and keep the correct height, which isn’t easy at all.

Flappy Bird for Game Boy Advance / SP / Micro

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Shooterthing (GBA Game)

Shooterthing 50% by Genesis Project is an unfortunate unfinished 2D shooter for Game Boy Advance. It features great pixel art by Mermaid. This game could have been something great, but sometimes things just don’t work out the planned way.

Shooterthing Preview (Gameboy Advance)

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Balanced Diet (31-12-2011) (GBA Game)

A Balanced Diet is pretty important to keep your health. Sebastian Mihai is the author of this little Game Boy Advance homebrew game.

Depending on what you eat, the following happen:

* four of a kind – eating four unhealthy or bland foods will greatly shift the balance toward the respective extreme (8x score bonus)
* three of a kind – eating three unhealthy or bland foods will shift the balance toward the respective extreme (4x score bonus)
* balanced (two unhealthy, two bland) – eating two unhealthy and two bland foods will shift the balance either way, randomly determined (no score bonus)

Balanced Diet (GameBoy Advance homebrew)

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Up Rough City (GBA Demo)

Up Rough City is a Game Boy Advance demo by up rough. Released at Datastorm 2014 and ranked #1 in the console demo competition.

GBA Scenedemo: Up Rough City by Up Rough (Datastorm 2014)

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Powerpig (20-08-2013) (GBA Game)

Powerpig by genecyst is a puzzle-platformer for GBA. You are armed with a gravity gun, which gives you the possibility to carry on your shoulders anything you find. This gun is powered by coins. In the up left corner, coloured in green you got the gun charge, collect coins before it runs out of energy if you want to stay alive.

Powerpig GBA - AREA 1 - levels 1 - 7,7675.0.html

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MazezaM Challenge v1.0 (GBA Game)

MazezaM Challenge by alekmaul is a simple puzzle game based on MazezaM from Malcolm Tyrrell.

You enter the mazezam on the left and you have to get to the exit on the right by pushing rows of blocks left and right. If you get stuck you can retry the Mazezam, but this will cost you a life.,7668.0.html

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Rick Dangerous GBA (19-08-2013) (GBA Game)

Rick Dangerous GBA by alekmaul is based on the Amiga classic “Rick Dangerious”. Will Rick Dangerous, intrepid Super Hero and part-time stamp collector, survive his first mission in the Aztec temple of the tribe? Should he do so, Rick will face new hazards in the Egyptian tomb and the enemy fortress.,7669.0.html

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Beerjeweled (GBA Game)

Nuance, Genesis Project & Digital Demolition Krew presented their new Game Boy Advance game Beerjeweled at Evoke 2013. While having a look at the screenshot and the video you may pretty fast figure out how this famous concept works out. The graphics of the original concept were altered to represent alcoholic beverages. Cheers!

Beerjeweled (Gameboy Advance)

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