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Bresenham (Vectrex Demo)

The well known demogroup Metalvotze ( ) released a Vectrex demo at the recently held Buenzli demoparty in Winterthur/Switzerland, called Bresenham.

Metalvotze loves to use odd hardware and this Vectrex demo is a must for everyone who loves retro demos.

Keep old hardware rockin’! Keep old hardware alive!

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New Files! (Vectrex misc)

0ldsk00l by Manu
Animation by Manu
Gravitrex-by John Dondzila
Joystick by Manu
Kingpin v0.4 by Manu
Patriots III by John Dondzila
Vectrex Frogger by Christopher Salomon
Vectrex Pong by Christopher Salomon

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