Petris is a puzzle game of shapely pets for the Game Boy Color (not compatible with original/pocket). Build your favorite pets in all shapes and sizes, keep ahead of dropping pieces and make it to the next level! The game is playable online and available through Catskull Electronics as a 32K ROM cartridge. It was built using GBDK and a handful of other tools.

Game Types

Try out a variety game play modes with different incentives and strategies:
* Long Pet: Complete progressively longer pets to reach the next level.
* Tails Cleanup: Clear all tails off the screen per level
* Crunch-up: Keep ahead as the screen crunches upward and new pets appear
* Level Up: Classic level-up style
* Marathon: For the long distance player

Head-to-Head 2 Player

Two players can compete over Game Boy Link Cable (CGB and GBA) in all game types.
* Send crunch-ups to your opponent when you complete long pets or level-up. The last player standing
wins the match.