Rednex Game Boy Development System (rgbds) is an assembly toolchain for the Nintendo Game Boy & Game Boy Color.


* We have a website! Accordingly, HTML documentation is no longer distributed in the source or in the release artifacts below. All old documentation links now redirect to the latest release’s documentation
* You may also have noticed the repo has been moved to gbdev instead of rednex! Don’t worry, the same people are in charge.
* /* Block comments! */
* Whitespace is now allowed between the brackets in [bc], [de] and [hl], also allowing [\1] to work.
* The second number argument to INCBIN can now be omitted, going up to the end of the file
* The argument to rb and rw is now optional, defaulting to 1
* RGBASM and RGBLINK can both use stdin as input, and stdout as output (support yet to come to RGBFIX)
* zsh completion scripts are available in the contrib/ folder. (If you want to make bash ones, apply in #620)