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ZGBJAM #2 (Game Boy misc)

Welcome to the ZGBJAM #2 coding competition. From the 26th to 28th of July, we will get together to make new awesome Game Boy games using ZGB! What is ZGB? It’s a free open source little engine (plus a set of utilities) which allows you to create any kind of game for the Nintendo Game Boy® and Game Boy Color® [&hellip

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Phantom Gear (Genesis Game) (Kickstarter)

Phantom Gear by Mega Cat Studios is a brand new Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis game currently funding via Kickstarter. It very much reminds on Sonic, but with some solid shooting action. € 17.473 of € 22.423 are already collected. Phantom Gear Genesis Trailer – Mega Cat Studios Video Game Watch this video on YouTube. Gear up in your [&hellip

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PDRoms Server Donation – Juli 2019 (misc)

Need a good feeling? Keep the servers running and donate a few spare cents! Thanks in advance. PayPal: shahzad (dot) sahaib (at) web (dot) (TLD Germany) IBAN/BIC: on request Thanks & Regards Kojote & Team

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