Endless Plants vs Zombies v1.0 (PICO-8 Game)

Endless Plants vs Zombies is a brandnew PICO-8 game by gfcarstensen. It’s a demake of a very famous game, so there should be not much to explain. Fight zombies while getting support from defensive plants.

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Wolfling Zero v2018.04.13 (WIP) (NES Game)

Matthias Bock shows us an ingame shot of his Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) / Famicom game Wolfling Zero.

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Micro Mages (Kickstarter) (TBA) (NES Game)

Morphcat Games freshly announced a Kickstarter campaign for their new NES game Micro Mages. There is no precise date yet, but they aim for early to mid May 2018 to start the funding action.

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RVG Interviews Mikael Tillander (Genesis misc)

Mikael Tillander has been interviewed by the chaps at Retro Video Gamer. If you want to find out more about Mikael’s latest Genesis Game Tänzer go and have a read! So far we at PDRoms referred to the game as “Unnamed Genesis Game by Mikael Tillander”.

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Vegetablets Go (Commercial) (Restock) (NES Game)

Did you miss the deadline to acquire a copy of Vegetablets Go for NES/Famicom by Japanese delevoper Tulip House?

There is another batch! Quote from Twitter:

These will be available at 23:00 JST on April 15. This time you can also buy from abroad. Please select “buy from abroad” option. 4月15日 23:00 より販売いたします。

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Wolfling Zero v2018.04.11 (WIP) (NES Game)

Matthias Bock shows us the title screen of his Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) / Famicom game named Wolfling Zero. There seems to be a C64 version coming too, just on a side note.

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The Retro Hour EP117 – Mattel Electronics to Interplay (misc)

The Retro Hour is your weekly dose of retro gaming and technology news, views and interviews from the UK.


We talk to the amazing Peter Oliphant about classics like Stonekeep and Lexi-Cross, working at Mattel Electronics and life as a child actor.

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Sky Gladiators v2018.04.12 (PICO-8 Game)

Sky Gladiators is a PICO-8 game by Le_BuG. You’re a gladiator and your purpose is to push your opponents off the platform. For that you need to get the right angle, adjust your power and rush toward the enemies. There is a single player mode with AI bots, but also multi player possibility.

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Wolfling Zero v2018.01.21 (WIP) (NES Game)

Matthias Bock is working on a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) / Famicom game named Wolfling Zero. On his Twitter-Account he keeps us up to date!

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Newo Fox v2018.04.12 (WIP) (Wii Game)

Owen still works on Newo Fox for Nintendo’s Wii.


So I finally got the subdivisions to line up after hardcoding a size that can fit into every cell without remainder. Looked like a repeated grid so I rotated every piece by 90 deg on the y axis.

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