Bleentoro v1.01b (Android Game)

Bleentoro is a puzzle game for Android by Yiotro. This game is adfree and has no ingame purchases!


– Fixed autosave feature (it’s disabled by default).
– Added mineral icons in tasks panel.
– Controls for building conveyors are now slightly better.
– Bug fixes.

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Bexagon (Party Version) (Atari Jaguar Game)

Bexagon by Bello Games is a new Atari Jaguar game released at Outline 2018. Escape the tunnel and mind the walls!

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Kung-Fu Ufo v2018.05.12 (WIP) (Genesis Game)

How does the title screen of  Retro Nerve Games‘ Genesis / Mega Drive game Kung-Fu Ufo looks? Here we go!

Twitter notes:

#screenshotsaturday time! This is the main menu for the demo version of Kung-Fu UFO. Don’t forget to check our #patreon . Thank you all for your support. #gamedev #sega #segagenesis #megadrive #pixelart #homebrew #indiegame #indiedev #retrogaming

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Franken Hopper v2018.05.12 (Nintendo 3DS Game)

Franken Hopper is a brand new game by Jayenkai. You can download it for Windows, Linux, MacOS X and Nintendo 3DS. Help Franken eat up all of the bugs that he can, without getting hurt.

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Xump 2 v2018.05.12 (WIP) (Genesis Game)

Retroguru did not gave up their project Xump 2, the #1 gamedev compo winner from Revision 2017. It’s still receiving plenty of tiny improvements. Help Misuki to destroy blocks systematically to clear another 48 fields. Puzzle fun ahead!

Quote from Facebook:

Xump 2 for Mega Drive / Genesis is still a in progress game, but we are almost there. There is a free version already available, the pimped one will be out on cartridge via DragonBox Shop later this year.

There is also a good chance to see this game on all other systems we support. Certainly this will depend on the feedback we get.

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Retro Asylum #184 (misc)

Retro Asylum #184 is here!


Paul Davies chats with broadcaster Jonathan Beales about his work in the gaming industry, magazines and his new documentary Retro Gaming the Movie. We hear some great insights from Jonathan on a pivotal time on gaming and learn just how much exclusive footage he’ll be fitting into his new documentary release this September.

Codumentary – Jonathan’s documentary on the phenomenon of Call of Duty

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Tanglewood v2018.05.09 (WIP) (Genesis Game)

Release client of Tanglewood ahead!


Friday update: we have a final build date!

Since we haven’t encountered a gameplay breaking bug in a while, and have only been fixing medium-to-small issues, we’ve decided it’s about time we locked down and committed to a date – we’re aiming to hit Gold build on Friday 18th May.

In order to do that, we’re aiming to have our release candidate this Sunday 13th May, which gives us 5 days to double and triple check that there really is nothing game breaking left, whilst making necessary preparations for sending the build to the factory.

We’re picking at small bugs, reworking minute details, if we’re left to do this unsupervised then we could find a lifetime’s worth of tiny perfectionist work, and it’ll never get released. Everyone on the team has agreed on a final list of things to resolve, and then it’s ready.

I’ll be honest, I am absolutely TERRIFIED. This 6 year ordeal is actually, finally, really, genuinely about to come to a close, and TANGLEWOOD will be finished. It’s gonna be a strange week.

Not that we’re out of the woods just yet – after that scary date, we begin physical manufacture!

See you on the other side,


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Video: NES Programming #27 – Flicker No More (NES misc)

Michael Chiaramonte shows us once again how to do some NES Programming.

NES Programming #27 – Flicker no more

Watch this video on YouTube.


The flicker is gone! Ya! I figured out that the status bar flicker was due to me reusing variable and then I got the scrolling to work properly with the tile row updates not only across a single meta-tile but across the whole screen. We’re ready to start building some levels!

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Wolfling Zero v2018.05.11 (WIP) (NES Game)

Matthias Bock shows us an ingame shot of his Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) / Famicom game Wolfling Zero.

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Homebrew Heroes Interview: Vector Republic (Vectrex misc)

Homebrew Heroes interviews Vector Republic!

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