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NeoPlat Blast v2018.06.18 (Nintendo 3DS Game)

NeoPlat Blast is a brand new frantic Single-Screen platformer by Jayenkai. Blast away the blocks for points, but beware the spawning Bats, and use your bomb wisely to take them all out. Bombs won’t kill you. But the Bats will!

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Blockman Gets Retro v2018.06.03 (Nintendo 3DS Game)

Blockman Gets Retro is a game by Jayenkai. Guide Blockman through the mazes without getting him stuck. Earn super bonuses by eating more, once you’ve eaten enough! You can download the game for Windows, Linux, MacOS X and Nintendo 3DS!

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Squashly Boop v2018.05.26 (Nintendo 3DS Game)

Squashly Boop is a game by Jayenkai. Squash all the enemies, and hop for success, as you try not to die in this ultimate test. You can download the game for Windows, Linux, MacOS X and Nintendo 3DS!

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Anemone3DS v2.0.1 (Nintendo 3DS Application)

Anemone3DS is a theme and splashscreen manager for the Nintendo 3DS, written in C.

Thanks to Nintendomax for the news.

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Planet Virtual Boy (WIP) (Virtual Boy emulator for Nintendo 3DS)

Guy Perfect is working on Planet Virtual Boy, which is a Virtual Boy emulator for the Nintendo 3DS. There is no release yet, but you can donate some money already so he can pay his bills.

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Franken Hopper v2018.05.12 (Nintendo 3DS Game)

Franken Hopper is a brand new game by Jayenkai. You can download it for Windows, Linux, MacOS X and Nintendo 3DS. Help Franken eat up all of the bugs that he can, without getting hurt.

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Flappadiddle Doo v2018.05.07 (Nintendo 3DS Game)

Flappadiddle Doo by Jayenkai is now ready for Nintendo 3DS! Help Flappy save his fellow flapping friends from the dungeon. Source. Flappadiddle Doo is the authors largest game so far. 6 worlds to see, 5 birdies to rescue and oodles (including endless modes) of levels to flap your way through.

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On a Space Shooting Trail v2018.05.05 (Nintendo 3DS Game)

On a Space Shooting Trail by Jayenkai is now ready for Nintendo 3DS! The war rages on, in the neon skies. How long will you dare to survive? Blast away as many of the baddies as you can. Be sure to let your weapon recharge, though. Source.

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Micro Clampett v2018.05.03 (Nintendo 3DS Game)

Micro Clampett is another game by Jayenkai hitting the Nintendo 3DS. Read more about it here.

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Jayenkai’s A Game A Week Coming to Nintendo 3DS? Part 6 (Nintendo 3DS misc)

Jayenkai of A Game A Week fame shows more progress tweaking his AGameAWeek C++ Framework for the Nintendo 3DS. By 2nd May streaming ogg music works.

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