Test your mental speed, stamina and dexterity with this new
game from the Hex Heroes.

Play takes place on a square board with 16 action boxes.
Your cursor highlights one of these boxes – and indicates which buttons you must press next. The direction arrows signify particular movements on the joypad, ‘A’ and ‘B’ are the two firebuttons, a ‘plus’ sign indicates any direction on the joypad (no preference which) and the ‘A/B’ icon indicates either firebutton (no preference which).

The ‘Pointer of pure evil’ waits for you to start and then proceeds to track you around the grid. If it overtakes you and completes a whole lap more than you then it’s game over. In order to win, you must complete a whole lap more than the dreaded cursor.

Pressing a wrong button allows the pointer to catch up by one position.

Every time you complete a circuit board, the game speeds up – get past a speed of 25 and you’re doing well, 22 is pretty amazing…