5nake is based on the oldschool Snake games but with a few new features and modes.

The modes:
* Mission; where the snake must collect fruits, powerups and progress through a series of levels to unlock them.
* Practice; where you can play one of the levels from the main game with no limits.
* Survival; where you have a limited number of steps, collecting fruits gives you more steps.

There are a variety of powerups to help you on the way including: slow motion, don’t grow, shrink, score multipliers and extra lives (Easy and Normal difficulty only).

The game includes a save feature that can keep track of high scores, custom levels, unlocked levels and unlocked goodies. (It can be disabled if it causes problems with your card or if you don’t want to save your progress.)

There are a variety of graphical themes including unlockable ones and 3 difficulties to choose from, the game also feature a Level Editor so the player can create his own levels.

Programmed by “JustBurn” and “MattTS”. Music and sound effects by “Kepler”.