The game appears simple – at first. Simply turn off all the lights, blacking out the house so that enemy bombers can’t get a target. However, it seems that in this old house, the electrician quit when he was only half-way done wiring the place, and that the eccentric previous owner wired the house in such a haphazard fashion that switching just one light on or off has an effect on the lights in adjacent rooms. What a nightmare! Your goal is to blackout the house in as few moves as possible.

The first puzzles are simple, to help you get a feel for the game, and to help you gain the core understanding of how to play blackout. The later puzzles get progressively nastier, requiring careful analysis to move on to the next. Once you’ve solved all fifty puzzles of mode one, try and solve all thousand puzzles in mode two. Only then can you be called a blackout master!

This game can be so addicting that you may not want to put it down. However, if for some reason you have to (perhaps if the batteries in your GameBoy Advance run out) shut the game off, your progress is kept in memory. The next time you turn on Blackout! Advance, you will start from the last uncompleted puzzle.