Chessyka is a chess game for Gameboy Advance developed by Kay Hornig. He mainly wrote it to learn how to code on a GBA.

The AI use alpha-beta-search, 0x88 and bitfield representation of the board, hashing with zobrist keys and moveordering. There is an opening book included, but currently this is only a proof of concept and contain only some minor variants of the french defense. A special feature is the possibility to enter a custom position. Although there is only a very simple check for plausibility! Chessyka is aware of all chess rules, including “en passant”, castle, 50-moves-draw and 3x-repetition-draw.

Currently only the english language and basic undo of moves are activated. The multilanguage menu (english, german and espanol) and the advanced undo/redo feature are disabled.

There are some missing features e.g.: permanent brain, search depth extensions and an opening book which is worth the name.

Cchessyka is for evaluation purposes only! Use it at your own risk. There is no warranty, expressed or implied. The author is not responsible for any damage as a result of the usage of Chessyka.