You are a little robot that lives on a space station. A few weeks ago, the space station had learned about an approaching fleet of hostile aliens, so a Super Attak Robot x3000 was ordered. (It’s a slightly underpowered model, but the space station couldn’t afford the industry-standard Attak Robot Mania xt4070 on their tiny research grant budget.)

The problem is, one of interns made a slight miscalculation on the hostile alien’s arriving date. Luckily, the Attak Robot arrived just barely in the nick of time. No later than the moment you opened the shipping box, the hostile aliens arrived and began their attack!

Normally the Attak Robot has sophisticated enough AI that it can run left and right and decide when to shoot automatically. Unfortunately, there’s not enough time to activate all of the systems on the Super Attak Robot x3000 (It is the budget model after all, so it takes a while to boot). You’ll have to control it manually.

Along the south wall of the station is a state-of-the-art button, lever, and pulley system that controls the cargo train the Attack Robot is sitting on – moving it left and right. You also have a radio-frequency controller that sends a signal telling the Attack Robot to shoot. The batteries in the controller only last for one signal (The controller is not a budget model, it’s just a REALLY strong signal). So you will have to get more batteries at the Massively-Oversized Battery Dispensing Unit ™ in the northern corner of the station every chance you get.