Explosive Gas is fairly straightforward, be the last man standing (and not on fire) to get a point. The controls are simple as well, use the D-Pad to move around, and hit any button to drop a bottle of hooch. When you start the game you can only drop one bottle and the flames from the explosion will only travel one square. Two powerups can be found in the old boxes and crates that are lying around, a can of gas, which will increase the range of your flames, and a two-four, which will allow you to drop more bottles at once.

In order to host a game, you’ll need to have your router forward port 9999 to your ds. You can find the ip address of your ds on the wifi menu screen in the game. If you don’t have port 9999 being forwarded to your ds, you can still host a LAN game, just be sure that the other ds’s that try to join use the ‘Join LAN game’ option rather than the ‘Join Game’ option in the menus.