Way before Lara Croft, back in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, Rick Dangerous was the Indiana Jones of computer games, running away from rolling rocks, avoiding traps, from South America to a futuristic missile base via Egypt and the Schwarzendumpf castle. xRick is a clone of Rick Dangerous, known to run on Linux, Windows, BeOs, Amiga, QNX and plenty of other platforms!

Sega 32x port by Chilly Willy!


UP = Jump/Climb Up
DOWN = Crouch/Crawl/Climb Down
LEFT = Go Left
RIGHT = Go Right
A = Action Button – hold A and press a direction
A + UP = Shoot Gun
A + DOWN = Set Dynamite
A + LEFT/RIGHT = Jab with Stick
C = End
START = Pause/Resume
X = Mute
Y = Volume Down
Z = Volume Up
MODE + X = Cheat 1
MODE + Y = Cheat 2
MODE + Z = Cheat 3