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Scene-Reviews (misc)

Scene-Reviews contains a massive collection of scene related review links. Each link contains an image, description and a link to the review. If you sign up you can rate each review and also submit your own review links to be added to the database.


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Homebrewcast Episode 2 (misc)

Imagine someone giving you an audio blogcast talking about homebrew releases – your wish has become true!

Homebrewcast is just doing this!

Episode 2 has the following topics:

– GBAtemp’s Homebrew Bounty
– Piece of shit prize package
– ComicBookDS site back online!
– DSTwitter v1.2
– FewChessDS 0.5
– Castle Wars 0.9
– AmplituDS 4.0
– FingerManiaDS 1.0


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News record in July (misc)

Dear visitors,

Once in a while there is a reason to be proud. Why so you may ask? During the month of July 2008 we have beaten the news record from January 2008. In total we served you with 640 news items, which makes an average of 20 news per day.

As some of you may have recognized “Kedo” is getting more active recently. He is warming up for his “takeover” as I (Kojote) will be on vacation for almost three months. I will be without internet most of the time and I hardly think that I have the nerves to use a 56k dial-up line combined with regular power outages. Anyway, Kedo will try his best to keep PDRoms running, while Celeth will try to improve and polish PDRoms codewise – a couple of new features can be expected.

Please give those both guys a helping hand and already a big thank you in advance from my side. I am sure it will be a though job to get a more or less decent rhythm.

Also a big thanks goes to YOU for visiting and reading the crap we write ;)

Have a nice day all!
Kojote & Team

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Wiz – The GP2x successor (misc)

ZodTTD has “found” a picture of the upcomming GP2x successor called Wiz and posted about it at his pages (linked below). After having a talk with one of the guys who already owns one of them, here is some more information:

While the GP2x is based upon MMSP2 architecture, the Wiz is based on Pollux, which is almost equal beside video en- and decoding things.

In particular most GP2x productions can be easily recompiled and should run out of the box. The main problem here is that GP2x binaries are usually statically linked, so they wont work on the Wiz and need that mentioned recompile.

Thanks to ZodTTD for the “Wiz” picture.


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Homebrew Review Contest (misc)

Our valued collegues at TehSkeen are having a homebrew review contest. There is even something to win, it’s a brandnew iTouchDS.

Accepted are reviews for Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP and GP2x.


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Brakkens Blogcast Number 2 (misc)

Brakken obviously had success with hist first Blogcast few weeks ago, so here is the second one. He’s talking about interesting homebrew related topics such as…


* Dedicated to Zima / CJPC
* All about PS2OWNZ / PS2NFO / PS3NEWS
* Legal Issues (related to the above)
* Team M33 vs PS3NEWS
* Quote by Emu_Kidid (GCOS, WiiN64, etc …)
* Quote by xaiNiax (WiiNewz / PSX-SCENE)
* Quote by Mathieulh (Team M33)
* Information about PS3NEWS’s Latest Scams (by Mathieulh)


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Retrogaming Times Monthly Issue 50 (misc)

Retrogaming Times Monthly #50 is available. RTM is a retro magazine, sometimes with focus on homebrew things.

Content of this issue:

Apple ][ Incider – Breaking Out
NES’cade – Jackal
Game Archeologist
Who’d Win – Star Wars vs Star Trek
Old Wine in New Bottles: SNK Arcade Classics 1
Fun Arcade Games That Never Made it to My Arcade
Real Life Games

Thanks to http://www.atariage.com for the news.


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Thieves of the scene (misc)

Dear visitors,

do you know, that there are people out there, who steal content from others, without crediting? Additionally they pretend to help the homebrew scene…

Well it happened once again, our majesty, Wraggster the Thief I., honest webmaster of the money making machine DCEmu.co.uk has copied PDRoms Openmoko section, two hours after after PDRoms introcuded it. Of course he also grabbed three Openmoko news, without credits.

The content does not appear on the main page of DCEmu, apparently Homebrew-King Wraggster wants to avoid PDRoms Main News on his front page, to lower the impression that he is a bloody thief.

Fact is, the news were stolen, without credits, may they be on the main page or not. As I am not able to check topics on DCEmu myself due to beeing banned, the no credit fact has been confirmed by RoBoCop_ ( http://www.c64.ch ) and myself via using a proxy.

Yesterday there was an issue where Wraggster has stolen news from Brakken/Tehskeen.net, pretty fast and with an apology Wraggster added credits to the stolen news post. He probably fears Brakken more than PDRoms, because the community there is a lot larger.

To be continued…

Update 8.7.2008 01:02am

To be fair here is a “response” from Wraggster http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=118972

Now a few things to clear up:

* I am not a “german”, you may look at a country south to germany…

* PDRoms is a hobby for me as well. I have a 40h/week main job with a sidejob along with a family – then additional work with PDRoms kicks in, also few hours daily. Just beeing busy is no excuse to forget credits with a clear system. You are angry at me because I told the public that you stole an article and rewrote it with your own words. That’s a fact and your apology was just the one you gave to brakken yesterday. Beeing tired is no right to leave out appropriate credits. If you have power to rewrite a whole article, which you have seen somewhere else, then there should be credits with it too.

* If your banners dont bring any money, then why you just dont remove them? There are enough pages where people can figure out if a decent dealer is trustable or not. You could even do that in your boards without spoiling your main page with more than 4 banner ads. Also we should not forget the hidden affilation codes in most posts – Your explanation just does not work out if you think logical. GBAdev also has a discussion sections about dealers without extraordinary hughe advertising anywhere. If your statement is true, you know what to do now…

* Neither I am jelous nor do I really want to go the public way, but the public critism so far did not seem to have impressed you. If you want to earn or not earn money, is your personal problem. I just want proper credits for everyone. If you forget it sometimes, hell, it’s perfectly okay. But if you follow your own news, there is a structure that you grab from sites such as nintendomax without any credits. As we are into homebrew for ages, I believe we do have the same sources of aquiring information, so I pretty much know what I am talking about. If not, I am open for beeing teached.

* If someone would blame you for something horrible which you have not done or you never did, I would stand up for you too. Even now, it’s not a question of “friendship” in any form. Unfortunatly the police still did not track down that guy as he was using a proxy… that troll was also after other people. Probably he has seen it as kind of sports to make other people bad.

* As we are in the same “homebrew” boat I suggest two things. Peace or war! It’s fully up to you. Just don’t say I did not offer you a situation to iron anything out. All I want is proper crediting for everyone (even if you are tired) and a proper apology. So sweetheart… it’s your turn! You may rant back a bit for public entertainment :)

Update 8.7.2008 02:30am

Wraggster has deleted his “response” but it’s saved in the PDRoms webboard as screenshot, you may read that up there.


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Announcing Server outtage (misc)

Dear visitors,

On Friday, 4th July, there will be a server outtage between 5 and 6am.

Thanks for your understanding!


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DCEmu.co.uk – and the thievery goes on! (misc)

Dear Wraggster, Webmaster and News Thief at DCEmu,

I’ve been silent for a while now and were watching your actions. We at PDRoms are still very happy that you like our quality service and use OUR news for YOUR SITE without CREDITS, most of the time. We would prefer that you give FULL and PROPER credits for every single news post. Not only if you “borrow” things from PDRoms.

If you think news fall off a tree like leaves, you are wrong. We are investigating a lot of time and energy. The least you can do, is giving proper credits.

The following is of interest:
BlobbDS v0.5 – This release from last week was found by Kojote yesterday. Interestingly no other page was reporting about this, but DCEmu did today. How comes you did not find it earlier on your own? Where are the credits?
Totitoes Version 1.5 – same goes for Totitoes, PDRoms were posting about it first, where are the credits?
Eigenmath DS – is even one month old? You were not able to find it on your own in this time? But you post it a day after it was on PDRoms, without credits?

Luckily I am already banned on DCemu, because I pointed out what you are doing in the public. This is how you act on criticsm. You are a plain professional lad, many people love you.

Go and earn shitloads of money with your banners and product palcements. You better not pretend to be a supporter of the homebrew scene, you do things for your own personal profit and to reach this, you ignore sources and misuse others work. Just go and accumulate more news from other sources, because most of us know, you can not create own content anymore.

This is not only what I (Kojote) say, many other of your “former” friends from Consolevision, whom you also banned from your network think the same.

Someone has to speak it out and I just did.


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