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A5200DS v1.1 (A5200 emu)

alekmaul updated A5200DS. It’s an Atari 5200 emulator based upon Atari800.


* Quick fix about bios problem
* change screen height to 256
* Add more easy understanding message when no game in current diretory (Thx Another World for the tip)

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A7800DS v1.0 (A7800 emu)

A7800DS by alekmaul is an Atari 7800 emulator for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi. It’s based upon Prosystem.

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StellaDS v1.0 (A2600 emu)

StellaDS is an Atari VCS 2600 Emulator for DS and DSi. It’s a port of Stella by French developer alekmaul. This emulator supports ROMs in A26 or BIN format.

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Project Legends DS-DSi v002 (Game)

Project Legends DS-DSi is a Megaman Legends homebrew game/tech demo for NDS and/or NDSi. It’s currently a work in progress and has a long way to go! DSi mode available via sudokuhax DSi or DSi-mode compatible flashcard.

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DSi RAM Tracing – Camera (DSi misc)

Bushing comes up with more RAM tracing/hacking news.


As we probe deeper into the DSi, we come across some neat stuff. Scanlime got a new FPGA board from Sparkfun, which gives him more GPIOs and the ability to run them at the 1.8v necessary to properly talk to the RAM.

Please read the full article at it’s source page.

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Ram Hax (DSi misc)

Bushing is currently trying to hack the Nintendo DS and along with this analyzes the RAM, which is impressivly shown by the picture below.

His attempt to dump stuff for now failed, but head over and read the full article.

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Nintendo DSi Firmware Update Warning (DSi misc)

For all of you who love to play homebrew and legit backups on your Nintendo DS, try avoiding to update the recent Nintendo DSi Firmware.

brakken ( ) and Dave ( ) report that many common flashcards are not useable anymore after the update.

Unless there is further information, we suggest to avoid updating!

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DSi Mode Homebrew (DSi misc)

blasty along with other people are one step closer to get the DSi “homebrew” enabled.


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I-Touch DS Unofficial User Guide v1.0 (DSi misc))

Brakken just published his Unofficial User Guide for the I-Touch DS. This is an unofficial user guide on how to setup, configure and use the I-Touch DS Nintendo DS entertainment, development and backup unit. It’s aimed at novice users who aren’t familiar with using “flashcards”.

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Nintendo DSi Homebrew Wiki (DSi misc)

Bushing from Hackmii has started to hack the NDSi, check out the wiki!

Thanks to for the news.

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