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Masmix v0.06 (NES Game)

Memblers put two new homebrewn games on his NES developer page five days ago. At the moment I can’t remember the name of the original author, but the two released games are very similar to each other. Just spritsets / gfx are changed. The games are: Masmix v0.06 and Matrix v0.06 [PS Look at the update from the 30th October] [&hellip

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Evil Bobs Jumble Solver (GBA misc)

EBJS is an application for the Gameboy Advance that will take a 5 or six letter word, and rearange the letters to form ALL possible combinations!

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Rayengine (GBA Techdemo)

Mike Wynn did a small raycast demo in Mode 3 & 5! The whole engine is coded in c which makes it a bit slow. Sources and binaries are avaliable from his page.

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