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PTC v1.1 (GBA Game)

Oscar BraindeaD updated his puzzle game PTC to version 1.1. The changes so far: -Music & sound FX -Difficult level selector -2 new types of tiles (Thanks to Oscar himself for the news)

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HTML / PHP / CSS Compression for PDroms (misc)

Because of the increasing amount of visitors and the horrible bandwith I had to compress all HTML / PHP / CSS files. If you recognize problems which were not here before, please drop me (Kojote) an e-mail (email adress could be get in the contact section). Thanks a lot! [UPDATE 20:11 CET] There were troubles with the php code after [&hellip

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MODplay v0.11b (GP32 Application)

CHN even updated his MOD player. The change here: Before you had to store your MOD’s into gp:gpmm28 now you have to put them into gp:gpmmmod [UPDATE 13:13 CET] File now avaliable locally in GP32/Applications

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PlusIVe v0.02b (Plus 4 emufor GP32)

Version 0.01b of this emulator was allready at the Adic downloadpage (results aren’t out yet). Today CHN updated PlusIVe to v0.02b with a a very minor change. PlusIVe got another Introscreen now and displays the name of it’s author. [UPDATE 13:13 CET] File now avaliable locally in GP32/Emulators

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Interview with Christian Nowak (misc)

Today I had the pleasure to interview Christian Nowak who is known for his emulators Masterlator (Master System Emulator for PC/GP32), PlusIVe (Plus4 Emulator for PC/GP32), Space Mission DX (GBC homebrewn game) and a lot of other applications. Follow the point “Interviews” in the left frame bar to get a link to the interview

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FPocketNES v8U7 (NES emu for GBA)

A new unofficial version of PocketNES has been released by FluBBa. This version adds support for two new mappers (15 and 228) and includes all the latest fixes and additions by Herg. Thanks to Guyfawkes/GBAemu for the news.

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Hergs Solitaire v0.6 (GBA Game)

Herg released another update of his card-game-collection recently. Changes are: Pointer “jump method” improved to 8 direction movement Added ability to send Solitaire to another Gameboy Advance Bugfixes to both functionality and gameplay logic

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There are some news at my sponsors page,! Here we go: The very popular Flash 2 Advance 256M version is back in stock and shipping. Order today and you can still have it for the holidays with out EMS Express 3-7 Day delivery worldwide. We also ship this item the same day the order is received, so no lengthy [&hellip

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Revolution (GBA Game)

Team Revolution send a small spaceshooter to the guys at GBAdev. You can get the download from there.

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ADIC 2002 Submissions are out! (misc)

All ADIC 2002 Submissions are out now! The releases by name are: – GPFM – Tie Break – Area 52 – Fire Demo – baardei by aardbei – Comi – GePad – GostHouse – GpKalk – GpekPong – A New Star is Born – maclink – GpScramble – ModPlay – Morning breeze – PlusIV emulator – Water – The Arena [&hellip

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