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Nazcaspheres Final (GP32 Fenix Game)

Nazca has released a final version of his game Nazcaspheres. You can get it from his homepage at:

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XRoar Test Release (Dragon 32 emulator for GP32)

Ciaran Anscomb updated a current state-of-play for XRoar. Updates that affect the GP32 version are: Simulates basic NTSC video artifactsChatboard support (finally!)Autoruns programs from cassette files Unfortunately the disk support seems to be broken in this version, which will be fixed soon.

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If you have registered to enter the competition, it is now possible to start uploading your entries. Even if you upload an entry now you will still be able to delete it and upload updated versions up until the deadline. Please make sure if you contribute to register in time.

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Psilycobindev Homepage (GP32 misc)

Psilycobin Game Development is a small group of artists who create games for the GP32 and in the near future maybe for other systems as well. The first release of Psilycobindev was Xump, a puzzle game, which entered at GBAX 2004. They have their own domain now, so you might check it from time to time, to get informed about [&hellip

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New Super Pang v0.5 (GP32 Fenix Game)

Anarchy, webmaster of GP32 Spain, has updated his Pang remake.

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Star System v0.2 (GP32 Fenix Game)

fagotero updated his shooter game Star System. You can get the new version from:

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Xenon Omega Blast (GP32 Fenix game)

joanvr released a Xenon 2 remake called Xenon Omega Blast.This is a GREAT shoot-em-up game – not to be Thread

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Interview with Woogal (GP32 misc)

Hooka interviewed Woogal, creator of the GP32 game Lacuna and Bob The Amazing Lemon.

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New Super Pang v0.4beta (GP32 Fenix Game)

Anarchy updated his Super Pang arcade remake again.This features some bugfixes as well as less slowdowns and more fps (which makes the game run smoother).

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Rouge 25-11-2004 (GP32 game)

Rouge has been updated. It is a RPG game in ANSI graphics

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