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Puzzle Dungeon Advance (GBA Game)

A new puzzle game for the GBA arrived! Basic gameplay is that you need to cover goals spaces with blocks of the same color. Blocks have different movement rules (i.e. press a blue, all other blues move the same direction). The puzzles develop quickly from quite simple to challenging, and some of the very hard ones take quick a bit [&hellip

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Dopewars (DC Game)

Image provided by: KamjinKamjin released a port of Dopewars for the Dreamcast. You need a DC-Keyboard to play the game.

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3D Demo (NDS Techdemo)

Darren informed me about his first NDS techdemo. Grab it at his homepage and watch out for more stuff 😉

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Another World v2.1 (GBA Game)

A bugfix release of Another World. Thanks to clem for the news.

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PDR Coding Competition #3 – Results Category 1 (misc)

Four judges (EvilDragon, Wraggster, John Kraln) decided and we have the winners for category one!#1 Another Day In Hell#2 Wraith#3 Flight Of AresWinners will be contacted after category two winners are announced!

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Hunchy (Atari 2600 Game)

Image provided by: Chris WaltonChris Walton, has announced development of a new Atari 2600 homebrew game titled Hunchy. Hunchy is loosely based on the classic arcade game Hunch Back (1982), which in-turn is loosely based on the novel”The Hunchback of Notre Dame”(1831) by Victor Hugo. You play the role of the hunchbacked bell-ringer Quasimodo in his quest to rescue the [&hellip

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Another World v2 (GBA Game)

Image provided by: Foxy SoftThe”Another World”port for GBA has been updated! Check out the new version at:

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Lady Killer v0.1.2 (GP32 Game)

Puck2099 updated his game Lady Killer. Read more about it at:

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If you followed the recent Competition. The cartridge with a few of the best entries is avaliable for pre-order.

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ds Paint (NDS misc)

Darkain’s first demo for the Nintendo DS. A paint proggy…

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