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InfoNES v0.94J for PSP r0.1 (NES emu for PSP)

The first NES emulator for the PSP is out. It’s a port of InfoNES. Read more here:

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Killing PSP (PSP Intro)

Image provided by: psp.toThe worlds first (?) PSP Intro has been released by AloneTrio&Fx0Day.

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Trivia PSP (update) (PSP Game)

Trivia PSP has been updated too… Grab the latest version from:

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Simpleturn (update) (PSP Game)

Simpleturn, a simple game for the PSP has seen an update.

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PSP Sound (PSP techdemo)

A program which outputs”sounds”.

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A tetris game for the PSP. This version includes better random logic.

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LCDcheck v0.02 (PSP application)

Obviously a tool doing stuff with your PSP’s LCD screen…

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Text Viewer v0.5 (PSP application)

A Text Viewer application ofr your PSP. Read more here:

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uoRIN v0.051 (GB/C emu for PSP)

uoRIN is a GB/C emulator for the PSP based on RIN. This modification adds support for a key config file, including mapping”Rapid A”and”Rapid B”to buttons and lot’s more. Thanks toE-Lationfor the news.

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Ogg Vorbis Demo (NDS Demo)

A test port of the Ogg Vorbis decoder ‘Tremor’ to DS by davr. working on only one file, you need to recompile to set another.

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