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Casino Addict v0.3 (PSP Game)

Casino Addict is a collection of cardgames for the PSP. This version adds”Roulette”.

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Follarium v0.5 (NDS Game)

A new puzzle game by Jandujar has been released. Thanks to DS-Hacker for the news.

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Karuna v0.14 (PSP Game)

Nanashi Soft updated their text game for the PSP. Thanks to wraggster for the news.

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JPEG Viewer v0.31 (PSP Application)

The”JPEG Viewer”for the PSP sees an update…

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VBA v0.03 (GBA emu for PSP)

The Visualboy Advance port for the PSP has been updated. VBA is a Gameboy Advance emulator. Grab the latest release from:

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Hue v0.008 (PCE emu for PSP)

Hue, formerly known as xPCE, has been updated. Hue is a PC-Engine/TG-16 emulator for the PSP.

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For those who did not recognize it yet, a GP32 scene/news -site is back online. Good luck guys!

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NesterJ v1.05 (NES emu for PSP)

Ruka updates his NesterJ port for the PSP. NesterJ is a NES emulator.

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GameKengu v0.01 (GameKing emu for NDS)

GameKengu is the first GameKing emulator ever and sees it’s first release for the Nintendo DS. GameKengu has been coded by LiraNuna. Here are details from the author: DuckMan: Showing Title Screen, then hangs 🙁 2004: Showing garbage (well, it’s a start!)

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Gridlock DS v1.2 (NDS Game)

Image provided by: MiqualkeGridlick for the DS from Miqualke has been updated. Changes: Better graphics 750 new levels

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