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eLoader v1.000 (PSP Application)

Here is a quote: As we promised a long time ago we have now finished a version of eLoader which can be run from a custom firmware and HEN. I know that a lot will probably wonder what the use of this is now that we have Pandora out so that anyone can downgrade, well the main reason is the [&hellip

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nervegas, author of, a very sweet and advanced NES emulator for iPhone’s is looking for help: Call for Developers: I’ve been struggling to fix InfoNES’ broken PPU scrolling code. I’m looking for other developers with experience in NES emulation who would be willing to take a look at the code. Please contact me at nervegas(at) I will be releasing [&hellip

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iPhone SDL MAME WIP (15-09-2007) (Arcade emu for iPhone)

There has been another message about the WIP status of iPhone MAME. OK we’re back in business! Let’s see when there will be “more detailed” news

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SvSIP (15-09-2007) (NDS Application)

SvSIP is a VoIP software for Nintendo DS. It’s based on pjsip. Changes: Third public version: SplashSreen. Possibilty to hangup when you receive a call. Screensaver after inactivity or lid closure, audio continues to work. Disable wifi at end (after press ‘A’)

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Clonker Advance (Beta 2) (GBA Game)

Another updated demo of “Clonker Advance” is available. It’s going to be a platformer for GBA. Image taken from 🙂

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iFlickr v0.0.4.2 (iPhone Application)

iFlickr is a native application for iPhone’s to access and use the service “Flickr&#

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iPhone Unlock (PSP Application)

If you are sure to have the v1.02 iPhone Firmware on your baby, then you can UNLOCK it easily without hardware modification. Just follow the instruction on the linked page. Of course everything at your own personal risk. The software itself is LEGAL and considering that there are no commercial iPhone games yet, it will just enable you to try [&hellip

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PSP Kanji v2.2 (PSP misc)

Kanji learning software for the Psp. Create Kanji/Hirigana/Katakana lists and practice remembering their pronunciation/translation through flashcards quizs. Aims to be estheticly pleasing and can be used as a Kanji dictionary. Thanks to for the news

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CrocoDS v2.0 WIP (CPC emu for NDS)

The development of CrocoDS an CPC emu for Nintendo DS will go on. So far those innovations are new in the upcomming v2: * Reshaped User Interface * Better Autostart-Management * Save-States * and more… Thanks to for the news

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DSMPlay v0.8 (NDS Application)

Infantile Paralysiser has updated his .dsm Player for NDS. Thanks to for the news

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