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Beam Racer (A2600 4k Intro)

Beam Racer by JAC! is a 4k Intro released at the recently held demoparty Revision 2011. It’s a four kilobyte small Intro for the Atari 2600 and ranked 5th in the “Oldschool Intro” competition

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QuadTris (GP32 Game)

QuadTris by Orion_ is a Bejeweled style game for GP32 with minor twists. It’s also the first real GP32 game after a couple of months

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Audacity v1.3.12 (Pandora Application Port)

Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds!

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Lugaru – The Rabbits Foot (Beta) (Pandora Game Port)

Pickle is on his way to port Wolfire Games‘ “Lugaru: The Rabbit’s Foot” to the Pandora! For now it’s only a test version! As Turner, a well-trained ninja rabbit, you fight through a detailed 3D world to avenge the death of your wife and daughter and to expose a deadly lupine conspiracy. Be advised that this game contains brutal, bloody, [&hellip

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Hardcore Fight v0.90b (Game Port)

Hardcore Fight is a super stylized cool Final Fight-like Beat’Em Up. This game is starred by two old colleagues who were chosen due their love to fighting and remaining punished after class. The game is plenty of weapons and special moves that at first sight do not seem possible, considering its old school graphics. You can play doubles and even [&hellip

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Revision 2011 (misc)

Kojote will be attending “Revision 2011”. A couple of console and handheld releases are expected and we will keep you updated (of course!)

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Rebooteroids WIP (Atari Jaguar Game)

Rebooteroids is a new Atari Jaguar game in development

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Audiorace v1.5 (Caanoo Game)

Audiorace is a music based game similar to the popular ‘Audiosurf’. It analyzes the songs of your choice and creates a unique track to ride on. The goal of the game is simple but encouraging: choose your song and beat your own hiscore!

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Homebrew Bounty 2011 (misc)

GBAtemp holds a coding competition for Nintendo DS and Wii. There are over 5000 US$ worth in prizes and/or cash. Deadline is 31st May 2011!

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CrazyBrix (14-04-2011) (A7800 Game)

CrazyBrix is an Arkanoid/Breakout style game by Bob, currently in development for Atari

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