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Yo-Yo Shuriken (Commercial) (SNES Game)

Yo-Yo Shuriken is an action game for 1 or 2 players involving ninjas and robots! It’s another Dr. Ludos game, but this time for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, also known as SNES. The core gameplay revolves around shooting a single shuriken that you can magically recall at any time, so you can hit enemies both from the front or [&hellip

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Libbet and the Magic Floor v0.05 (Game Boy Game)

Libbet and the Magic Floor is a puzzle game for Game Boy by Damian Yerrick. The game is open source! One day, Libbet was rearranging her basement when she discovered a passage to an empty hall whose floor had a peculiar pattern. She rolled in to investigate. The floor tiles have four shades. Libbet can roll or jump between tiles [&hellip

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