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A Fairy Without Wings v1.3 (Game Boy Game)

A Fairy Without Wings is a rather fresh Game Boy game by Nekete, developed using ZGB/GBDK. "A FAIRY WITHOUT WINGS" GAMEPLAY – NEW GAMEBOY GAME 2019 Watch this video on YouTube. You are a tooth fairy who was born without wings. When she collects enough teeth, she gains the power to shoot lightning (which helps to free the fairies!), but [&hellip

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Powa! (WIP) (Game Boy Color Game)

Aiguanachein is working on a very nice Game Boy Color platform game named Powa! The game will feature different worlds, music by sergeeo and certainly final bosses. After exchanging emails with the main author there might be physical carts, once the game is final. We at PDRoms already had the pleasure to play the game and it plays solid and [&hellip

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