ApolloIM is an instant messaging client for iPhone’s.


Added support for DotMac, ICQ, MSN in addition to AIM. Through libpurple.
Buddylist notification of open conversation
Multiple account sign on – I’ve been on 8 accounts at once, although, I wouldn’t recommend more than 2-3 active accounts on edge, otherwise it gets slow real quick
Sectioned buddy list by accounts
Away / Unaway via the pretty green dot in the upper right. Tap it, turns red, you’re away. Tap it again, turns green, you’re back.
Support for Alias’d buddy names.
Support for Status Messages – shows up in the buddy list
Time Stamps in conversation windows
Removed Buddyinfo, for now
Preparing to add a pane to “Settings” – eliminates need for “Prefs” button for us, will allow extended user options
Completely brand new UI.
Entire application is brand new, recoded from the bottom up. Stability should be amazingly enhanced.
Wifi Keepalive still requires summerboard.