AquaNotes for iPhone/iPod touch lets you monitor your Neptune System AquaController III or III Pro using your iPhone or iPod touch. Connect to your AquaController from anywhere in the world and review your aquarium’s current and past water conditions using an intuitive user interface with high quality graphs and a quick overview screen. You can also control any of the devices connected to your AquaController such as your aquarium’s lights, heaters, cooler, pumps, etc.

When connecting using AquaNotes: be sure to use port 23 and not the HTTP port 80 used for the web interface of the AquaController.

Sidenote: At the time of posting this program has been marked as beeing freely available without any costs. As this program is hosted with the AppStore the status might change. Authors like to publish their programs for free and / or for promotion purpose and then start charging.