Everyone of us knows, there are currently two emulators for the iPhone: NES.app for NES emulation and gpSPhone for Gameboy Advance emulation.

With the help of gpSPhone we can actually emulate more Systems and make the iPhone even more useful! The solution: Play an emulator in an emulator!

As homebrew development for Gameboy Advance started back in late 2001, there are plenty of programs out. So what about using gpSPhone to play … on your iPhone?

Coleco Vision -> Use Cologne v0.7 by FluBBa
Master System -> Use SMSAdvance v2.1 by FluBBa
MSX -> Use MSX Advance v0.2 by FluBBa
Gameboy Classic -> Use Goomba v2.3 by FluBBa
PC Engine – Use PCEAdvance v7.5 by FluBBa
NES – Use PocketNES v9.98 by FluBBa and Loopy
Supervision – Use Wasabi v1.0 by FluBba
Wonderswan Color – Use SwanAdvance v0.1 by FluBBa
SNES – Use SNESAdvance v0.1f by FluBBa

Homepage for those: http://www.ndsretro.com/

BBC Micro – Use Pocket Beeb v1.01 by Quirky

Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/quirky_2k1/emulation/index.html

Spectrum 48k – Use FooN


Of course there would be a few more examples, which won’t be listed here – but, dear reader, you should have already got the impression you need! Most low level systems (8-Bit) are emulated very well, while the better ones are just sort of technical demos – games will run slow.

Good luck with “enhancing” your iPhone with gpSPhone! Some emulators for GBA can also be downloaded from //files/gameboyadvance/Emulators/?page=1

Please keep in mind most emulators for Gameboy Advance have an windows injector, which fill up a provided .GBA file. Mostly you will require Windows too.

Article written by Kojote of PDRoms.de, please don’t duplicate unless you have asked for. Give credits where due!