BEER PONG:VERSUS is THE Beer Pong iPhone application you’ve been waiting for. Download this app to challenge other users connected to Wi-Fi. Future versions 2.x will feature the BEER PONG: VERSUS online community and gaming lobby, to connect iPhone users across the world.

Revolutionary game play options include 2 different ball control throw systems: Throw Based or Tap Based, meaning you have complete control over your iPhone video gaming experience. This game of BEER PONG is sure to change the way video games are created. Find out for yourself…

Other features include:

-Fully dynamic 3D environmental game play
-Animated ball and camera motions
-Individual device options including camera animation and sound effect control
-Single Device or Network Game Play
-Head-to-Head or Doubles/Team Play
-Game Options include BALL CONTROL option, REBUTTAL option, and number of RERACKS option
-Help Screens for throw control

The first 5,000 downloads are FREE! After this the developer will charge money.