Boids are a computer-simulated flock of little creatures that live in your iPhone/iPod. Based on Craig Reynolds’ famous algorithm, Boids show how complex behavior can emerge from very simple rules. You can make your Boids act like a flock of soaring birds, a school of darting fish, or a herd of lazy ungulates just by changing a few simple parameters like “independence”, “individuality” and speed.

The Boids will also respond to your touch. Your finger can be a tempting apple or a scary kitten. Tilt your iPhone/iPod, and the Boids will react to the change in gravity.

Sidenote: At the point of posting this program has been marked as beeing freely available without costs. As this program is hosted with the AppStore the status might change. Authors like to publish their programs for free for promotion purpose and then make it commercial. Also it could happen that the author decides to take the program down.