is a simple eBook reader for the iPhone. It reads HTML and text files stored in your Media/EBooks folder, and is smart enough to enter subdirectories, if, for instance, you’ve broken a book down by chapters.


New in version 1.3!
Super scrolling! Tap the screen once (as in making the toolbars appear and disappear) and you’ll see a slider, which will allow you instantaneous access anywhere in the file. (It also gives a good indication of how far you’ve read within the file.) Thanks to everyone who requested this.

More fonts available from the Preferences pane! Every font on your iPhone, except those known to not work (mostly variants of American Typewriter, at least as of firmware 1.0.2). For a psychadelic experience, try DB_LCD_Temp-Black.ttf.

A buttload more text encoding choices. Practically everything available.

Change the speed of single-tap scrolling in Preferences! Thanks to Ric Ewing for the suggestion.

Tables no longer foul up the screen width. Currently they’re rendered as preformatted text. There will be an option to turn this off in later versions.

If your book has cover art, it will appear as the splash screen while the book is loading on startup. Remember, put a cover.jpg, cover.png, or cover.gif in your book’s folder to take advantage of this.

Added a donate button to the About box. Because you always need more guilt.