Three cryptic phrases from the mists of computer gaming history have been discovered in an ancient time capsule. Unfortunately, all the phrases are encoded and their contents can only be revealed by solving a set of puzzles.

Each puzzle is a grid of colored tiles. Touching a tile reveals a hidden color. Your task is to clear tiles from the grid, by finding a sequence of matching colors underneath the tiles without revealing a different color in the process. For example, in puzzle grids requiring 3 matching tiles, touch three different tiles that reveal ‘green’ without touching a tile that reveals any other color such as ‘red’. Clear all the tiles from a puzzle grid to complete it. This decodes two characters from the selected mystery phrase.

The puzzle grids either need a sequence of 3, or 4 or 6 matches to clear tiles. For each different length sequence of matches, the puzzle grids come with two different numbers of hidden colors, and three distraction levels.

Distraction ‘None’ simply displays the tiles of the grid in a set color.

Distraction ‘Shift’ displays the tiles in six different colors and randomly shifts those colors each time a sequence of tiles is removed from the grid.

Distraction ‘Flip’ displays the tiles in six different colors and flips the whole grid horizontally about the center every time a sequence of tiles are removed.

To play, select the mystery phrase you want to work on (1, 2, 3). Next select the number of matches needed, number of hidden colors, and distraction level. For each combination of settings, the screen displays the status of that grid for the selected mystery phrase and the best score achieved for any of the three phrases.

Touch a tile to reveal its hidden color. Then touch another tile, and if the revealed color does not match, the move is over and the colors are hidden again. Carry on revealing colors by touching tiles until either a non-matching color is revealed or a sequence of the required length cause a set of tiles to disappear.

You can hide a color again by touching the same tile again, but if you hide all the currently revealed colors, it counts as a move.

At any point, pressing the reset button will start that grid again.

That’s it! Happy Brain Chilling!


Improved user interface
Selection of mystery phrase and puzzle grids to work on, is now done from the same screen as the grid. A separate screen is no longer required.