This applications waits quietly and then sets off a strident alarm when your device is moved or jostled. Use it to deter people from sneaking away with your phone or tampering with it without your knowledge. You can also leave it in your jacket pocket, in your knapsack, or lean it against your hotel room door to alter you to a thief or intruder. It your door is moved or shaken or belongs disturbed, the alarm will be activated.

The alarm is triggered by any abrupt motion or change of position of your iphone. It is armed a few seconds after the program starts, after a brief delay to allow you to set it down and to compute how sensitive it needs to be.

You can set it so that it keeps ringing until the program is terminated, or to stop as soon as the phone is returned to the position is was in. When the alarm goes off, it is accompanied by a load ringing sound and an animation.

WARNING: The program will exit when the “home button” is pressed. This cannot be changed due to Apple interface restrictions. A flustered thief is unlikely to know this, and you will be alerted by the sound anyhow, but it is a feature to be aware of.