by Vladimir Kofman is a unit and currency converter for iPhone.


1. Advanced Mode: now it’s possible to see more than just “from” and “to” units, results are displayed for all units. Also in advanced more it’s possible to rearrange the units’ list as you wish.

2. More Languages:

– Spanish by J. Palacio and Southie

– Chech by janvacula

– Simplified Chinese by super3547

– Danish by Nikolaj Mogensen

– Polish by Piotr Biegala and Tomasz Szeweluk (will be available in the next version)

– Dutch by Herbert Kats (will be available in the next version)

– Logical Hebrew support (big thanks to Amir Leshem)

3. Update Currencies issue on 1.1.3 firmware: It should work now! (let me know…) Also, any 1.1.4 feedback is welcome!

4. No new measurements/units: I know I promised to add more measurements… I’m planing a major update (both for content and technology) for the next version, so please be patient (I’m sorry to keep you waiting…).