Like all Yuzu Games productions, Foflash is a dangerously addictive puzzle game that let you play with your images while listening to your music. Foflash is the best companion while in the subway, bus or train or waiting in line or for a friend, etc.

With Foflash, gamers have to reconstruct an image as quickly as possible by immobilizing pieces moving and bouncing across the board whenever they reach their original spot. Foflash is a great shake and tape game.

Foflash needs a good shaking to start and break down the image in 16, 36 and 64 pieces depending on the difficulty level. After shaking, gamers need to immobilize the pieces that are floating and bouncing across the board whenever they glow and approach their original spot. Immobilizing pieces is achieved by tapping them. Wrongly immobilized pieces will start floating again after a few seconds and free the spot for the correct piece. By shaking the handset, you can change the direction of all pieces and redirect them in the general direction of the shake. For instance, a shake to the right will send all floating pieces to the right. Jokers are also available but will add penalty time.